Going out we found fashion was getting harder and harder to find. Not the in your face fashion. You know, the multi million pound advertisements with the chisel cheeked model telling you that this is hot because it is being shown at exactly the same time your favorite television show breaks for an advert. We had to go far and wide to find particular exclusive pieces and exclusive Brands to match what we considered cool. Looking like everyone else is never an option when living in our part of London The plan was just find something cool and fashionable to wear until, someone said, “You should sell clothes”. I mean we were basically doing that anyway. If somebody asked us where we got those jeans or how much did you pay for that top, we would tell them and give directions and basically be thanked for being helpful, as so many people like to keep their classic finds to themselves and not share the love. The only problem was we have families and love being with them. We agreed that a shop was not an option, it would take a lot of what we love doing, Travelling, meeting people and being able to source and find absolute great clothing. I mean that is what we loved doing. So we did what we do. Started sourcing the brands that we were currently wearing and keeping tabs on what we will be wearing soon. Welcome to Electrowear A brilliantly independently sourced clothing company that reflects street culture and mixes brands that would not be found on any single website. Individualism and style all available at your door in a few simple clicks We have an eclectic range of style and taste and an eye for Men’s Fashion, which we aim to build on the site. As time progresses be sure to keep visiting us as we are constantly on the look out adding Fashionable Clothing brands including Men’s Chinos, Jeans Shirts, Jackets, Watches and stylish accessories regularly.

Now the story unfolds for Street Wear. We will be bringing the latest and best in urban fashion, updating you in the designer mens brands in our streetwear blog. Whilst giving an intimate and personal experience whilst shopping on line for you stylish clothes lines.

Our aim is to bring you selected items of clothing from selected brands Like Marshall Artist a streetwear brand with a tailored twist to give that gentleman feel but also has a cutting edge, Trainerspotter with it's trademark graphics and dedication to skate culture, Addict Clothing one of the longest and honest to goodness streetwear originals, Boxfresh who keep it simple and quietly go about dressing some of the most trendiest people in the game and Palladium who have put a freshness in the hard to conquer shoe game from the UK and Worldwide brands like Hype who have taken the world by storm and Innercity Clothing who have come from building a very successful brand and now taking it to the dopest level. Some will be known others not so but we guarantee the highest quality that money can buy. We will give platforms to well known brands and also to some of our personal favorites.

We also take a viewpoint on Ecology so you will find some of our brands carry fair trade and biodegradable badges like Pants to Poverty and Yes No Maybe.

Our team is based all over the world. We travel to all the fashion shows in the UK and Worldwide. We try and develop a relaxing relationship with the Brands. We do our research and we aim to bring quality and a diverse range of styles to your doorstep in the UK using a reputable and speedy delivery service.

Follow us on Facebook (electrowear) and Twitter (@electrowear) for updates, new arrivals, Competitions and even members of our teams quirky take on life and goings on in their world. Look out for our up coming Blog and be sure there will be some surprises as we keep growing changing and keeping your wardrobe up to date with the Street Trends, Street Fashion and sometimes bargains that will give you an edge at home in the street or any social event worth being at.

Electrowear bringing a vibrant funky feel to your Internet shopping trolley.

The dedicated Street Wise On Line Store. 

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