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  • Cayler and Sons... and Electrowear


    Attention to detail, a true collectors piece and very provocative style Cayler and Sons has reached us and is looking fantastic in our store. We can no longer call this a new brand and staying true to form they are smashing it with the graphics and the energy which will be immitated very soon. We stick with the originals. Welove the vibe.

  • Electrowear introduces Oscar #WorldPeace

    Music and fashion go together as we know. I mean who goes to a concert not wanting to be looking as good if not better than the artist. I know i have been caught doing the just got a new pair of trainers dance.
    Music just like fashion can also become repetitive and mundane. How many times do we hear or wear the same styles. I mean what has not been styled in Camo, who has not made a track that resembles the latest hit. That is life art imitates art i have heard people say.
    Although there is always that one that pushes the boundaries and creates something that is thought provoking and awakens the imagination.
    Don't let me dictate as i am no big time music exec this is my humble opinion. Oscar Worldpeace who has blessed us with his blogs in the not so past has released this haunting track that speaks to a generation that has become lost in the Politics of life. With an exceptional amazing vocal by Richard Deux who, although just a cameo, am sure we will be hearing and hopefully seeing more from them both.
    This track is Q's.
    Enough said... Enjoy.

  • Jilted Royalty @electrowear

    Jilted Royalty is not only a brand that specialises in their very cool animated prints, but they have also made a name for themselves for being a lifestyle brand. Unlike most brands who like to separate their lifestyles from their clothing, Jilted Royalty have done the total opposite in a very tasteful manner. In todays society tattoos and fashion go together like malted milk biscuits and a cup of tea, the Jilted Royalty team have took the unique route by tapping into social networks, by making their audience be more involved, where you get to see the brands love for tattoo’s and fashion. Things have organically taken shape for the Jilted Family, having built a solid cult following and making noise in the urban fashion scene, Jilted Royalty will be amongst the most established and creative brands to have come out of the UK in years to come.

    Article By: Oscar Antwi-Nyanin

  • Hype always at Electrowear

    CRASH, BANG, SMASH, BOOM are all the onomatopoeias that come to mind when I think about Hype clothing. Hype Clothing is an independent British brand who have really tapped into streetwear by standing out rather than fitting in. Their spaced out prints and psychedelic patterns have been the people’s favourite over the past year. The British brand fit right into where the London rave scene is now, especially (Brick Lane/Shoreditch), this is where you’re most likely to catch all the trendy teens and young adults wearing a bit of Hype clothing. Get yourself Hype with some Hype gear!

    Article by: Oscar WorldPeace

  • AONO

    He's behind you.Not even panto season Yet. Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned or A O N O has launched and we have an amazing selection of the brands apparel. On show here are 2 of their stand out T-Shirts the collaboration with Abandonship Apparrel Instafam T-Shirt and the AONO Logo T-Shirt Maroon

    aono 2 electrowear 4

  • Native Youth @ ELECTROWEAR

    So we live in London always around the area, yet we seem to take its surroundings for granted. Take Shoreditch for instance. Seems it has some of the best street art collection around boast a host of clubs and restaurants and it is right on our doorstep. So we thought we would take some shots out of the studio and around the area. Funny as Native Youth which our model is wearing seems to fit the scene.

    Native no photos electrowear 1

  • Electrowear iPad mini Giveaway

    Another chance to win and another giveaway. This time email admin@electrocart247.co.uk your best funny face... We call it GOONFACE. Then this White 16GB iPad mini could be yours.
    ELECTROWEAR Comp ends 31st May 2013

    ipad blend electrowear 1

  • Electrowear x Supra Giveaway

    Another Giveaway and another chance to win. This time to launch our Supra collection we have teamed up to give some exclusive pieces straight from Supra themselves. The items in question are a Supra Logo Snake skinned Styled Peak, Cap, a red logo T-Shirt, the Supra bible and Sticker pack. follow the instructions on the image and email admin@electrocart247.co.uk. Offer ends soon

    facebook comp supra post

  • Electrowear x Palladium x Streetfest

    Electrowear, Palladium Boots and Streetfest are giving away 2 free tickest to the streetfest festival in Shorediitch. To be in with a chance of winning simply, Email "WIN #PALLADIUM BOOTS @STREETFEST" TO ADMIN@ELECTROCART247.CO.UK OR TWEET #PALLADIUMBOOTS @STREETFEST TO @ELECTROWEAR.

    VIP Tickets include entrance to StreetFest, after party entrance, dance or BMX workshop, chance to do live video graffiti, your own Palladium Boots and access to vip bar

    Be quick as the winner will be announced Friday 26th April 2013
    Good Luck

    electrowear palladium streetfest

  • Dr Denim Electrowear... Summer Wear?

    Dr Denim Shorts and Shirt are in store... Will there be any point? We ask ourselves are we getting a Summer this year? We are well into the year, Spring is in and the clocks are about to turn forward for the BST long summer days. Come on. Would it not be Great Britain if we did not have the weather as top of the agenda when conversation strikes. Think positive plan ahead and don't get left short (no pun intended). Dr Denim

    2 brands electrowear post 1

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