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First and foremost, the quality is outstanding. M.A. stays true to this idea. They focus on fusing traditional tailoring methods with contemporary usability from the hooded lumberjack shirt to the leather tabbed utility short. This really is a brand to watch out for...

Marshall Artist Jacket - Marshal Artist

As one of the leading up and coming fashion designers with a fiercely proud reputation for wanting to remain outside the boundaries of mainstream fashion, Marshall Artist is by far a name that you can associate with top quality, styling and individualistic designs. Staying ahead of the crowd and offering excellent clothing at competitive prices, they are not only a brand to believe in but one that should be respected, already with a host of celebs purchasing from this iconic clothing brand. Offering a sublime selection of clothing, discover their exceptional range of outdoor wear such as cardigans and Marshall Artist jacket designs.

Marshall Artist is an innovative brand with it’s attention to detail and doing that little extra that gives each trouser, shirt, jacket and chino trouser the feel and look of quality tailoring.

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