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The unique unisex pop colours on Monkee Genes, which has changed the way you look and wear jeans the care and attention to detail with the addition of fun and comfort at the forefront these ethical jeans and chinos with its iconic logo are a joy to wear and Monkey around in.

Monkey Jeans - Monkey Genes

Featuring a widely popular range of clothing essentials for the modern pop fashion followers, Monkey Genes are a fashion house that use colours and styles to their full extent, demanding excellent material to produce their hugely successful jeans and chinos. One of the cool factors here at is that we spend the time and energy to source the clothing you want to find and do it at a competitive price to gain repeat and happy purchases. Again with Money Jeans you can be sure of a wide and awesome range of jeans, organic sateen jeans and chinos to suit your apparel needs.

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